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The difference between Bluetooth versions

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-28      Origin:Site

The difference between Bluetooth versions


Bluetooth 1: The transmission rate is about 1M/s.


Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR: The transmission rate is about 2-3M/s, of which 2.1 + EDR is the most classic Bluetooth, the biggest feature is safe and easy matching.


Bluetooth 3.0+HS (High Transmission Bluetooth): High transmission 24M/s, only the device labeled with "+HS" trademark can truly support 802.11 high-speed data transmission.


Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Power Bluetooth): It includes classical Bluetooth, high-speed Bluetooth and Bluetooth low power protocol. It has lower power consumption on the basis of 3.0. It is mainly for applications with very low power demand and power supply by button batteries. Among them, 4.1 adds the characteristics of the Internet of Things to support the coexistence of batch data exchange rate. The biggest feature of 4.2 is that multiple Bluetooth smart devices can access the LAN or Internet through a terminal.


At present, the most widely used version on the market is 4.1. The introduction of this technology has made great strides in the application of smart audio/vedio devices,smart home, smart wearing equipment and smart medical treatment in the Internet of Things.


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