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Cleaning and maintenance of in-ear headphones

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-25      Origin:Site

Cleaning earmuffs regularly, keeping earmuffs clean can make headphones more airtight, and enjoy high-quality music more unhindered!


Once the catheter of the earmuff or earphone are relaxed, throw out the earmuff and clean the catheter and replace it with a new earmuff. If one or both sides of the headset are silent or the volume decreases, the filter should be replaced in time or the catheter should be cleaned with a designated tool. Clean the acrylic plastic case with tissue paper regularly, and then make sure that the catheter is not blocked by earwax after use.


It is also necessary to clean ear and wire (at least once a month). If you use earphones regularly, you need to clean wires and earmuffs more frequently, especially those that come into contact with your skin. In this way, the effect of sebum on wire rod is reduced, and the service life of wire rod is ensured.


Do not use alcohol cleaners or products containing bleach. A nylon cloth and a bar of soap are enough.


When cleaning earmuff, remove it from ear earphone. You can lower the earmuffs by pinching them with your thumb and forefinger and gently rotating them away from the catheter. Do not pull hard or pull your ear muff. It may tear it.


Remember, the wire of ear headphones, like all wires, will eventually harden and crack. Of course, the more you care about it, the longer service life will be. However, the quality of wire used by different manufacturers is different - some look weak but actually strong, while others look strong but crack easily. In the long run, "replaceable" wires are better than "non-replaceable" wires, and sometimes changing wires can change the sound quality performance.


Please take good care when cleaning the shell of earphone and grease on the surface of catheter. No moisture should be allowed into the catheter. If the moisture really goes in, it may affect the normal functioning of earphones. If the water does cause the volume of one or both earphones to drop, please remove the earphones from the containers they normally put in and put them in a dry and ventilated place. Within 24-48 hours, the moisture will evaporate naturally


When the soft plastic sleeve becomes dirty and dirty, it sehould be washed with warm water and soap. As for non-washable sponge cases, they should be discarded when they become dirty, hard, or shrinkage is no longer sufficient and elasticity is worse (see Note 1). Shur's black sponge (considered Shur's symbol among headphone enthusiasts, introduced in the spring of 2007) can be used to gently wipe the dirt off the surface of earmuffs with a hot towel.


Whenever the earphone is put on the earphone, make sure it is absolutely dry. When installing the ear muff, always install it to the root of the catheter (if you have a buckle, then fit it to the buckle).


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